The Farm

Retorto Soc. Agr. S.S. is a family owned agricultural company based in the heart of the Retorto rural village.
The farm has 200 Ha in plain fields around the village. These fields are appropriate for the production of Cereals (Wheat and Corn) and tomatoes. A 1 MwH solar plant management is also part of the business.

mano light


Even though the plantations are extensive by nature the main focus of the company is to generate high quality products, well fit with the standard requirements imposed by supply chain agreements.
The target of increasing production by both size and quality can not be achieved by a cost cutting management approach. The company aims to achieve its goal through innovation.
Retorto has been part of several research projects over the recent years and hosted trial fields for on-field tests and analyzed its products.
Among those Retorto participated to the ITACA study, an important European financing project targeted to research and development in the agricultural and food industry. The main partners of Itaca were the Università di Torino together with some of the leading companies in Piemonte, such as Ferrero and Lavazza.



Retorto is a reliable company who believes in long lasting relationships.
Retorto aims to build with its suppliers and customers relationships based on mutual trust that would in turn generate virtuous cooperation as well as value synergies to the benefit of all the stakeholders.
Under the same approach Retorto is willing to create a positive working environment for its employees, the main pillars of the company, who should feel part of the company and valued as individuals as well as workers.